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Director’s Statement

INSTITUTE OF AFRICAN STUDIES The Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka, was established as a graduate teaching centre, a Research Library, an ethnographic unit, cinematographic and technical unit, and a Museum which is the most equiped in this part of the country. The Institute also provides appropriate institutional base to visiting scholars from other universities around the world, and creates sustainable environment for partnership with other research centers. Finally, the Institute coordinates works and research related to African Studies in other academic areas.

Brief History

The Institute of African Studies of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, came at a time “when the concept of African Studies as a means of consolidating the independence and building up the cultural identity of the new states of Africa was very much in vogue” (Afigbo, 1971:89). The idea for a graduate Institute of African Studies in the University of Nigeria was channeled towards research and was designed as a rallying point for “all men of colour who can trace their descent to the African continent no matter in what part of the world they now find their habitation”. (Afigbo, 1971:89).