History of the Institute of African Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1963-2013)

  1. Original Mandate or Vision of the Institute:

To operate as a research and Post-graduate teaching center with emphasis on all aspects of life and the culture of Africans.


  1. Specific Aims or Mission of the Institute:
  2. A serious study of Nigerian societies and cultures with particular emphasis on the peoples of the south-eastern states.
  3. Providing research opportunities and experience to young Nigerian scholars and others.
  4. Providing an institutional base for visiting Africans from other universities.
  5. Creating and sustaining an academic environment in which scholarly enterprises can flourish and interdisciplinary efforts promoted and regarded.
  6. Building up institutional resources such as a research library, museum, art gallery, Cinema studio and visual library etc, in support of the University’s research and teaching functions.
  7. Supporting a publications programme that gives visibility to the works of the Institute and also other activities sponsored by it.
  1. Programmes and Activities:

The main thrust of the programmes of the Institute has consistently been in the field of African Studies. The Institute has coordinated works going on in that field in many academic disciplines. The field of concern has occasionally been redefined and activities reshaped in response to changing circumstances.