Please note the following in relations to your applications for accommodation:

  • The University has approximately 5645 bed spaces in total to accommodate over 15,000 students.
  • It is practically impossible to accommodate every student desiring accommodation on campus.
  • The acute accommodation problem is made worse by the total collapse of Zik’s Flats Hostels which ordinarily will accommodate all the first year students and Mbanefo hostel that would have taken up to 1,064 students.
  • The available bed spaces have been rationed as follows:-

1st Year students     –           40%

Final year students            –           25%

Others years            –           35%

  • All bed space allocation is strictly ON-LINE and on First come First Serve basis.
  • Issues resulting from defaulting students (those who did not pay within the 3 days window after generation of invoice) are being resolved.